Meetings, trainings, conventions, awards, whatever the event of your company or organization, it will have an impressive look with the Air Catering buffet, in addition to the unparalleled taste.

No matter the occasion, whether lunch, dinner, breakfast, brunch, happy hour or just a coffee-break, we organize everything so that your staff or guests has the best experience any way you want.


From the choice of menu and the assembly of buffet to the decoration of the venue, our team will ensure that everything is stick to the plan, so that your guests taste dishes prepared with care and refinement.


Brunch has gained popularity in Brazil as a meal with breakfast features but as full as a lunch.

In these meals, the harmonization of what will be served must be perfect and with a menu full of varieties. Besides the basic items, it is interesting to increase with some alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, sparkling wines and hot dishes.


To perfect the organization of a special breakfast and to start the day with a reinforced and healthy feeding for sure is very important.

Whatever your event, workshop, course, training, meeting or award ceremony, we have the perfect option for your company.

Lunch and dinner

Being a good host is an art; and for your reception to be a success and remain in the memory of the guests it is important to carefully plan your event.

From the choice of the type of menu, combination and selection of recipes and products to the choice of crockery, utensils and decoration, we always seek the necessary refinement.

An elegant table should be planned up in the smallest details. Customizing the decoration elements such as napkins, cutlery, beverage coasters, placemats, tray cloths and sous-plats, among others, will convey the mood of sophistication.


The concept of cocktail allows to offer more variety and can be adapted for events in the afternoon or evening. It can be more informal and simple, like a coffee-break or it can serve a more refined mood in the evening, including more sophisticated meal like finger food.